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Always clean up spam traps in your targeted email list.

Targeted Email Lists and Spam Traps

When a targeted email list is purchased, spam traps and honey pots can be a part of your list. It is essential to have the list cleaned before you send bulk email. This can be done either by the ESP (email service provider) you send mass email with or a 3rd party.

The spam traps and honey pots are used to guard against spam being sent. If the email does get sent to a spam trap, the IP, domain, and server you are sending from can become blacklisted. Becoming blacklisted will destroy your deliverability. The account with the ESP may become suspended as well.

Certain ESP's make it so they replace the cost of replacing blacklisted IP's, domains, and servers will be free of charge. I would recommend using one of their services to send bulk email with. HyperMail is an example of an ESP that cleans your list for free.

All in all, just be conscious about the quality of your email list and that it should be cleaned before being sent to.

~ Author
Chris Miller
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