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About the HyperMail Team

Our Mission

We at HyperMail are striving to re-define the way people currently think about marketing through use of our home grown mass email marketing software known as HyperMail. Technology's influence on business is unrivaled and continues to help us progress in ways we otherwise thought impossible. This influence has had no less affect on the world of advertising through the form of email marketing. Our goal is to harness the tools technology has given us in order to provide a quality service in this new era of marketing.

Our People

Beyond employing qualified individuals to achieve the goals we have set, we work hard to find people who have the ability to change and adapt with the times. Technology is constantly changing; the way we did things yesterday aren't the same way we will be doing things tomorrow. Success can only be achieved by employing dynamic individuals who have a passion for learning and growing with the industry.

Why Do We Do It?

Simply put, we love this industry. Looking back at the different stages our company has gone through, the application of technology to business has been the one constant. We have a passion for applying our skills as information technology specialists towards quality products. The world of email marketing gives us the opportunity to exercise our wide variety of skills to provide a service that has been proven to deliver amazing results.

~ The Hypermail Team