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Mass Email Software Tips

13 Mass Emailing Tips To Improve Your Email Deliverability & Click Rate

Step 1.

Don’t use a meaningless ‘from’ address, for example, random garbage of numbers and letters. Readers will be much more prone to open the email if they receive it from a sensible and legit email.

Step 2.

Send bulk email at a reasonable rate, meaning you shouldn't set your hourly sending rate too high. This will help prevent you from being black listed and improve your email deliverability.

Step 3.

Build an opt-in email list by providing a box to check that gives permission to send future emails. You can use this separate list for much better delivery rate than sending mass email.

Step 4.

Make sure your ‘unsubscribe’ is noticeable is every email you send. Also, it shouldn’t take more than 2 clicks to unsubscribe.

Step 5.

Keep your color scheme for graphics and text to 2-4 colors. It’s important your color scheme ‘flows’ and looks coordinated. This color scheme tool will help you get the idea. You also want deep contrast of dark/light if you place text over a colored background. This will make your text pop so it’s clearly readable. Text over a very dark background should usually be white.

Step 6.

Subscribe to a service that monitors your mass email campaigns. This will let you if you’re blacklisted and your overall reputation status.

Step 7.

Protect your reputation by using an Email Service Provider (ESP) that’s connected to ‘feedback loops’ with all the major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Google and Yahoo. This will ensure that the user unsubscribing will never receive an email again. This will help avoid any future complaints and keep your reputation in intact.

Step 8.

Use a spam score checker tool to see if the content of your email blast is considered ‘spammy’. Make any recommended changes before using your mass email software.

Step 9.

Preview your email template in all the major inbox's like Google, Hotmail and Yahoo for any graphical errors. Also check if the main point of the email remains clear when images are disabled.

Step 10.

Never use very large images / graphics. Use a proportional amount of text to images. Too many images and little content is usually filtered as spam when sending bulk email.

Step 11.

Use a list scrubber to clean your list of undelivered emails.

Step 12.

Keep the amount of links proportional to the amount of text. Too many links and not enough content can be considered spam.

Step 13.

Read our blog about creating an ideal subject line and more tips for improving your mass email marketing campaign.