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Mass Email Software - Overview

~ Look at what our mass emailing software can do! ~

Track your email results with analytics

Detailed reports will help you identify any issues when your using our mass email software. You can view how many emails were delivered and opened. It also tracks how many clicks, bounces and opt-outs there were. Then you can tweak your emails for better results. If your satisfied with your report leave your mass email marketing strategy the way it is.

Create, schedule and send bulk email campaigns

HyperMail's mass email software gives you the ability to schedule campaigns for a later date. Create multiple campaigns and set how many emails your want to send per hour. Being able to send bulk email has never been so easy.

Affiliate program and white labeling software

Interested in joining HyperMails affiliate program? Refer customers to us that need to blast email and we will handle the rest. We take care the selling and handle support! There is an incredible amount of business's that should be using mass email software. Stop getting shutdown by providers like icontact, constantcontact, mailchimp and others. Unleash the power of HyperMail and your clients will be amazed! Help yourself while helping a business grow with HyperMail's email blast software.

List management

  • Consolidate & organize your email lists
  • Automatic control of opt-in's / opt-out's
  • Separate your email lists into specific contact groups.

Custom template design

HyperMail's template management system allows you to create full html and CSS emails without any programming knowledge. Design a beautiful mass email campaign with ease! Also, if you need somewhere to host the images and other content required by your email we can provide you with free hosting.