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HyperMail FAQ's

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Email Lists FAQ's

How do I upload my email list?

HyperMail has an easy to use wizard for uploading a mailing list into our system. Please make sure your list is in an ".csv" format. (you can create this file extension by using MS Excel)

What if I don't have a list yet?

Not a problem depending on what type of market you are trying to target we have a number email database companies that we partner with that offer very high quality email lists. As well as we have an extensive database of over 120 Million contacts broken down by consumers, businesses, SIC codes, professions, geographic, and many other demographic selects to choose from. let us help obtain a list that works for your business and start your email blast today!

Is my list safe after I upload it to my account?

Absolutely, Hypermail will never sell or rent your email lists. Your lists will be protected and can only be accessed via your login/password.

What other information can be stored in the list besides their email address?

You will be able to store any information from your list up to 100+ custom fields

Is it possible for people to unsubscribe from my email blast?

Yes, all you need to do is click the link that says 'unsubscribe' located in the footer of the email. This automatically removes the user from the list and they will not receive anymore emails. Don't worry about including the link, HyperMail automatically adds it for every email template.

Will I be able to see who opened my email?

Of course, this is one of the many things you can view from HyperMail's automatic reports. You can also see when they opened the email.

Will I be able to see who clicked each link in my email?

Yes! We track all clicks in your email campaign and we even allow you to see which email addresses from your list clicked on your email along with all of their applicable contact data.

What about who bounced out of my email?

You will receive a list of users that bounced for each campaign. If you feel like these users are not worth it you can delete them from your list. Our system even records both Hard and Soft bounces, and gives you a breakdown of which email server is causing the most bounces and why.

Are reports updated often?

Actually you can track your reports in real-time meaning you will see data start coming in immediately after your email blast begins.

Can I print my reports?

Absolutely, just click the print button when viewing a report.

Can I export the reports into Microsoft Excel?

Absolutely, just click the export button when viewing a report. Then open it any program that supports file format '.csv' like Microsoft Excel to view or make changes.

Email Deliverability FAQ's

What can I do to insure emails are delivered or increase my deliverability?

HyperMail provides you with all the necessary tools and features to maintain deliverability on your part through the use of 3rd party email servers and/or your own provided email servers. With this control and ability to manage all of your email servers, sending domain names, and IP addresses, you will be in the best position to monitor and maintain to increase deliverability rates. You also have the ability to control how many emails are sent per hour. Based on what you are sending and the email list you are sending to will gauge how often and how fast you want to send. HyperMail also gives you detailed monitoring of each servers sending and bounce back rate, which gives you measurement on IP reputation and sending domain deliverability. There is NO other web based bulk email marketing software that allows you blast email like this!

Do outgoing emails get checked for spam?

Absolutely. Spam is always a concern whenever you send mass email. HyperMail's takes pride in only working with quality businesses with legitimate emails. Our abuse department screens all email campaigns before they are sent out to prevent any issues with spam. Keep in mind, HyperMail automatically maintains Can-SPAM compliance for all outgoing emails.

What happens if there are spam complaints?

HyperMail takes spam complaints extremely serious. Anytime there is a problem with spam we identify the reason or individual and take action accordingly. You can also manually remove and unsubscribe users from within your HyperMail account by going to the "opt-Outs" section under contact group and adding their address to the DNE (Do NOT Email) group.

Is HyperMail Can-Spam compliant?

Don't panic! HyperMail is 100% compliant with the Can-Spam Act of 2003 and all state level electronic mass email transaction laws. Sit back and relax, HyperMail makes sure you need to worry about a thing. Everything is automatic, just worry about making a great looking email!

Email Templates FAQ's

But I don't know HTML/CSS, how am I going to design an email template?

You don't need to know a thing! You will amazed at what you can do with our WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) HTML/CSS Email Editor. Insert image links, style your text and much more.

Do I have to use the email editor? I already have my own HTML template(s).

Absolutely not, if you know the code simply click HTML. You can insert and tweak your already existing template or start a completely new one.

How will I know if my email looks good?

When your using the editor just click the preview button to see what your email blast will look like when received.

Is there a way to test if my email gets delivered and loads properly when opened?

Yes at any time you can send a test email from HyperMail to any email address of your liking.