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What is the best way to use a mass email service?

Best Practices When Using a Mass Email Service

It can seem difficult to get responses when your using a mass email service. One day to the next delivers different deliverability results and ROI. When sending these campaigns, there are three crucial practices to live by represented by the acronym CVC. CVC stands for consistency, volume, and creativity.

CVC - Consistency, Volume, Creativity

Consistency references sending often, at least 3 times a month to every email address. Do not stop sending. Deliverability changes from day to day from a variety of factors. Keep sending to make sure you are sending on the good days. Stay consistent with your campaigns and continue get those emails out there.

Volume represents the number of contacts you have. With a mass email service, the more contacts you have the better. As you already know, not all of these addresses are going to be delivered to each time. That is why volume is key. The smaller the list, the worse the results you are going to see. It is a numbers game. You have to play it correctly to win. How many emails is enough? If you are just getting started, a recommended starting point is 100,000. However, counts in the millions or data feeds are preferred.

Finally, creativity is key to opens and click throughs. When you are in the recipients inbox, you want to grab their attention. It is similar to other forms of advertising. You want to seem personable, interesting, and inviting. Similar to picking up a girl you meet for the first time. Creativity is what will ultimately get you the ROI once you reach the inbox.

Use these practices to help get your ROI back from your mass email service.

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Chris Miller
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