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Learn how to increase your click rate when you send bulk email.

How to Increase Your Open/Click Rate With Mass Email

Are you about to send mass email? If you are, definitely go through the suggestions below and find out how you can get a higher open/click rate.

If you are experiencing very low open rates it usually has something to do with how you're targeting your emails. In general people are sick of 90% of the email they receive. However, gather some information about your customer and you can quickly break through this barrier.

Once you've established what your customers like, you can begin tailoring a few variations of your email. This can be as easy as changing your featured items section to target customers with slightly different interests.

Example: If your store sells winter equipment for skiing and snowboarding. Separate your customers into two lists and create two emails but with different special offers. One email will have snowboard pants and a funky hat. The other email will feature skis and ski boots.

This is obviously an extremely simplified example but it demonstrates a simple concept. Always try to avoid sending useless emails by taking the time to construct emails tailored to specific interests. Another easy deviation you could make between two emails is different subject lines.

You may have to put a little extra time and effort into your email blast but it will definitely pay off in the end.

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Chris Miller
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