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Benefits of mass email marketing and why it's right for your business.

Is mass email marketing right for my business?

Businesses are always looking for practical ways to advertise
A lot of them don’t realize one of the most affordable and effective method is starring them in the face every day. Mass email marketing has become a major contender in the advertising world and for good reason. The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) reported that on average email advertising returned $43.62 for every $1.00 spent. Ok, we know bulk email marketing is profitable but is it proper?

Some people might call it ‘spam’ but mass email prospecting is actually a legitimate and smart way to advertise your business or event. So what if I don’t have a list of customers to send email to? There are dozens of companies that rent and sell data lists. However, you don’t want to acquire any random list of emails. It needs to be a targeted list specific to your industry or location.

This will not just help reduce the spam factor but it makes more sense for your dollar. People usually don’t open emails that are completely irrelevant to their lives. If you tailor your email to the targeted email list, your email may actually be very welcoming and beneficial to the recipient.

Reach out to nearly every professional in a specific industry
If you are a trying to target a demographic like real-estate agents or dentists then mass email marketing is especially right for you. Or maybe you need to target a list of specialty shops like car repair or bicycle stores.

If you’re offering a better deal on something the shop consumes a lot of, your email might just be the live saver they were waiting for. The possibilities for prospecting are overwhelming when you have the power to send bulk email to any targeted list.

So is mass email marketing right for you?
Chances are if you’re someone that is selling a product, service or promoting an event then sending mass email is definitely something you can benefit from. So how do I get started? First off, you need email blast software that allows sending to thirst part lists. Fortunately, HyperMail’s HyperMan is here to save the day!

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Bernardo Ramirez
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