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Meet the Team

James Celli - President

For the last 10 years James has acquired advanced knowledge of internet marketing, web development, and project management. He has been with the company since the beginning and is consistently taking an active role in research and development. When he is not teaching or motivating our staff, James is always striving to make our platform the most viable and success producing ESP on this side of the affiliate marketing industry. Beyond HyperMail he likes to travel, spend time with his son and think about how to make HyperMail more successful for the userbase.

Jeff Cartonia - COO

When Jeff left professional golfing to enter the business world, he took on the highly competitive PayDay loan market and was soon responsible for running a 30 store financial empire across North Carolina. He then parlayed his software development and managerial skills into a partnership position with USA Group and Advantage Business Solutions where he developed lead channels, created data aggregation programs, custom marketing solutions, email campaigns and managed hundreds of TV, Radio, SMS, Internet and web-based lead generation campaigns.

Max Bruck - CMO

Max comes from a highly technical and analytical background, graduating with honors from U.C.L.A. with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He applies that technical background to take an analytical approach to marketing optimization for his clients.

Max started his career with 4 years at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in enterprise systems development for various state governments. Max quickly became an expert in Client/Server GUI technology and Oracle relational database programming before being promoted to supervisor and management roles.Thereafter, Max was the 5th employee of Digital Motorworks, hired as Product Manager of its InfoIQ suite of Automotive Data Aggregation and Enhancement solutions. Digital Motorworks (DMi, is the largest integrator of Automotive Retail Data in the US and Canada. Operating under the slogan of “Turning Data into Opportunity”, DMi collects and transforms automotive industry data designed expressly to increase dealer revenue opportunities, including the sale of F&I Products.

As Business Development Manager, Max also spent two years in Chicago, where he opened a joint venture office with Aon Corporation to bring data integration products to all facets of Aon’s global insurance clients and internal brokerage, placement and reinsurance operations. Aon’s automotive division offers F&I Training programs, customer survey products, and its flagship United Auto Care (previously known as Ryan Warranty) Vehicle Service Contract products.

Jeff Knabe - Network Specialist

Jeff is our source for all problems solved. He has also been with the company since the beginning. He is currently administers the HyperMail user interface along with email campaign development and testing. Jeff oversees our Support Department of which handles 150 to 300 support tickets everyday to successful completion. Outside the office he likes to see movies, spend time with family and be on the cutting edge of knowing everything entertainment.

Maya Halack - Operations Manager

Maya is the office leader, and the glue that keeps everything moving efficiently and on track. She has experience from accounting to leadership management, and shows it. There is probably not a single person who knows more about everyone's job than she does. She also knows the inner working and functionality of HyperMail like the back of her hand. As operations manager, she handles operational tasks and account management with the finesse of a seasoned symphony conductor. She sees to it that projects stay on task, goals are met and clients are happy. Outside HyperMail you can find Maya keeping up with her home and caring for her family of four.

William Hausman - Internet Marketing Manager

Will is the strategy behind our fairly new internet marketing efforts, which involves SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, our Partner/Reseller Program, and anything related to building the network reach of HyperMail. Will is brilliant when it comes to applying competitive strategy to making HyperMail stand out and be known. Beyond HyperMail he enjoys working out, extreme sports and always thirsty for new knowledge.

Yury Evtikhov - Network Engineer

Yury is our advanced technology expert, server manager and everything in between. Yury is a transplant from from Saint Petersburg, Russia with 9 years of network administration experience in service provider and hosting environments. Yury was born to live in the data center, but smart enough to not actually live there! Yury has been a senior network engineer for the last five years, bringing with him a wide range of experience directly related to the hosting industry. Yury holds CCNA and CCNP certifications, as well as a deep understanding of MPLS networking accompanied by Microsoft, Linux, and Cisco certifications. By leveraging advanced networking technologies and methodologies, Yury is able to provide a more efficient use of resources with improved resiliency. During his spare time, Yury enjoys traveling, visiting with family back home in Russia as often as possible and socializing with the Chicago-Russian community.

Joe Green - Vice President of Sales and Operations

Joe is the driving force for our sales operations. He controls the day to day operations as well as the scope and direction of the sales team. His knowledge of email marketing, management, and HyperMail creates a culture that strives to be the optimal solution for all email marketing needs. When he isn’t motivating our sales team or sharing his expertise with clients, Joe enjoys following politics and sports.

Chris Miller - Internal Marketing Manager

Chris applies his vast knowledge and understanding of marketing, brand management, and email marketing to direct our internal marketing efforts. He works closely with our fully managed clients to generate the best results possible by driving traffic and increasing ROI through their campaigns. He creates blog articles as well as site content. When Chris is not learning more about the industry and steering our marketing efforts, he enjoys motorcycles, following sports, and fishing.

Bernardo Ramirez - Customer Service Manager

Benny handles all of our incoming customer service requests and is the point of contact for all customers who require assistance. His vast knowledge of HyperMail and industry helps customers attain the knowledge needed for email marketing, while also providing technical assistance. In his spare time, Benny enjoys competitive dodge ball, video games, and fantasy sports.

Ron Celli - Account Manager

Ron is one of our well respected account managers. His outstanding work ethic helps fulfill customer needs and properly finding the best strategy for each client. He is determined to build and maintain long term business relationships with every customer. His strongest attributes are his advanced knowledge of the software and customer needs. Outside of HyperMail, Ron is very active in his community. He coaches little league baseball and football teams.

Allen Miller - Account Manager

Allen is the most senior Account Manager. He puts a high priority on all of his clients and gives them ideas and comments on how they can prospect in a more efficient way. He also handles some of our biggest accounts here. He will tackle any project you put in front of him. On his free time he loves to play fantasy sports, watch football, basketball, hockey and baseball. He also loves to take vacations to the Caribbean.

David Palma - Account Manager

David is one of our senior account managers. His main duties include sales and account management. He can walk you through top to bottom on every plan/service we offer and if he doesn’t have an answer he sure knows where to go to get it. His strongest attributes are knowledge of the system and service, dedication to his clients, and making sure expectations are realistic and make sense to a client prior to signing up. Beyond HyperMail, David is very active and enjoys working out. He is an athlete above all and still currently is active in numerous sports including football, baseball, and softball. He also enjoys motorsports including motorcycling and ATVing.