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The best way to start an opt-in email list is with a landing page.

How Can I Start to Generate an Opt-In Email List

List size and quality are deciding factors on how well an email marketing campaign will do. If you are looking to generate your own opt-in email list, a key to success is building a proper landing/squeeze page. A squeeze page is a website page that tries to get potential customers to sign up to receive emails. The squeeze page is your source for your own data. It can even be set up to deliver the leads in real time. The optimal goal with a squeeze is to generate a large qualified list of potential customers.

How are the leads qualified? That answer depends on the quality of the landing page and how well it is geared toward your target audience. Let the audience know exactly what you have to offer and how the emails will benefit them. Recent studies have shown that more consumers are submitting their emails to receive discounts and offers. With the use of mobile devices (smart phones), consumers are more willing to check solicited email and check these emails more often.

The growth of smart phone users has also caused consumers to feel more at ease when receiving emails. The tide is turning on emails, as consumers are seeing them as legitimate advertising and welcoming emails. Consumers view submitting their email as a trade to receive discounts.

In summary, if you are looking to start an opt-in email list focus on the quality of the squeeze page. Gathering qualified leads/emails is crucial to your email marketing efforts. And now, smart phones are making consumers want to receive these emails.

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Chris Miller
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