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Learn how to organize your targeted email lists.

Managing Your Email Lists

Keeping track of your data can seem daunting. It is key to keep your lists and campaigns organized to help you make the most out of email marketing. Whether you are sending to just 1 list or 20, managing your lists helps give you the advantage. There are 3 main strategies to managing a list.

  • 1. Create separate contact groups.
  • 2. Remove opt-outs in real-time.
  • 3. Keeping an active clickers list.

When you first upload a list into HyperMail, you will have the chance to create a contact group to put your list under. We recommend you create a new contact group for each list. Having individual contact groups will help you understand which data is performing best without having to export the emails and run them against your original excel files. Analytics are easier to read when they are organized. Mixed data is harder to read and will distract from true statistics.

In order to remain CAN-SPAM compliant, you must remove opt-outs from your lists. HyperMail provides the unsubscribe link for you and globally removes opt-outs from your lists in real-time. We help you maintain clean and legal email marketing.

One of the greatest tools you can utilize when mass email marketing is analytics reporting. Retool and assemble your contact groups to hold an active clickers list. Active clickers are recipients who either opened and or clicked on a link in your email. Our platform and statistics allows you to export your active clickers lists. Once you have your first active clickers, create a new contact group specifically for them and upload them back into the system. When you need a campaign to do extremely well, send to your active clickers list.

Follow these three easy steps to stay on top of email marketing and make it perform for you. Call one of our email marketing experts to find out other benefits we offer at our toll free number 888-497-7898.

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Chris Miller
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